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2020 goals and how to reach them

Do you have big dreams or goals that you’d like to achieve in 2020 but you don’t know where to start? My latest article makes it easy by giving you steps to follow to set 2020 goals that you can achieve! Read it here >> 2020 goals and how to reach them <<

Values conflict

Do you ever find yourself pulled in two different directions? Torn between two competing values. Trying to determine the right course of action could leave you stressed, overwhelmed and emotionally drained. Find out more about how to overcome values conflict in the latest article – How to resolve values conflict. To learn more about your …

Overcoming overwhelm – what to do when your to-do list gets out of control

Do you ever find your to-do list getting out of control? You keep adding to it, but somehow nothing ever gets ticked off. The latest article helps break it down into 3 simple steps to get your to-do list back under control. Do this weekly to: Increase focus Align your activities to your priorities Reduce …


In 2017, I discovered the power of goals.  I quit smoking, stopped drinking, went from non-runner to half marathon, and generally set about achieving whatever I set my mind to.

I did this by focusing on my goals.  I found it to be so powerful that I wanted to share this with everyone!

I looked for a resource that would walk me through the process step by step, but I couldn’t find one that resonated with me.

So I created GoalGetters.

I studied the research into what makes goals successful, and developed a system incorporating all the elements that are shown to increase your chance of success.  I put these all together into an easy to follow eight-step process.  The GoalGetting workbook walks you through this process step by step.