Improve your spiritual wellness – 38 product picks

Improve your spiritual wellness with these 38 product picks from GoalGetters.

This article builds upon the Improve your spiritual wellness – 17 goal ideas article with product recommendations to help you reach your goals.

The product recommendations relate to the goals of:

  • understanding spirituality in general
  • understanding your own individual spirituality
  • nurturing your spirituality through self-reflection
  • developing your connection to the world around you

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Spiritual but not religious – is spirituality under threat?

With religious affiliation in decline, it is easy to assume that spirituality is also under threat.  The rise of the ‘nones’, or ‘spiritual but not religious’, has some afraid that spirituality (or morality) is dying out.

A quick Google search of ‘is spirituality in decline’ suggests that this is absolutely the case.  Religious websites cite the decline in religion as a decline in spirituality, pointing the finger at entitled, self-centred millennials who lack moral compass.  But is this really true?

My latest article examines these issues, and whether the perceived decline in religion has also caused a decline in spirituality.

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