July Goal Planning

Who has set their goals for July? 🎯✅

I use goals to help me to run my life rather than the other way around!

Research shows that if you write your goals down, you are 50% more likely to achieve them (source).

So why not take some time to get your goals down on paper and see what you can achieve?

It doesn’t need to be pretty (I don’t think I’ll be winning any awards for my artistic ability!) – it can just be a scribble on a scrap of paper. Just the act of writing out your goals makes the difference.

Feel free to share your July goals in the comments, and see whose goals align with yours ❤️

Setting SMART Goals

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I’m busy working through setting my goals for 40 by 40. Today I’ve taken my goal ideas and set SMART goals.

Read about it in the latest article >> 40 by 40: Setting SMART goals <<

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40 by 40 – goal ideas

I started GoalGetters because I was really passionate about the power of goals and the transformation they helped me to achieve within my life.  I wanted to find a way to share this with everyone!  But somewhere along the way I’ve let my personal goals fall to the wayside.

And so I came up with the idea of 40 by 40.

40 goals I’d like to achieve in my 40th year.

I’ll blog throughout the process, so if you have any big (or not so big) goals or dreams that you’d like to achieve, why don’t you join me?

You can find the first article here >> 40 by 40 – goal ideas.

My 39th birthday is fast approaching so I’ll be starting this week, but you can join in at any time.Sign up to the mailing list to get the latest updates delivered directly to your mailbox.

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Did you make it through Quitters day?

According to a study by Strava, the second Friday in January is the day that many quit their new year’s resolutions.

How are you progressing with your 2019 goals?

This week’s article provides advice for:
✅ if you’re struggling
✅ if you’ve quit
✅ if you’re procrastinating
✅ if you’re going strong

Find the article here.

If you haven’t yet signed up, join the 2019 goals challenge to help embed your goals and build your motivation through January.

2019 goals challenge – day 6 Research

Allow yourself some time today to indulge in some research around your goal. 

Research is what inspires us, feeds our motivation and can lead to connections when you find others with similar interests.

You can research through books, magazines, online, or by connecting with other people.

Remember to update your goals plan with any new knowledge that you want to incorporate.  Check out the GoalGetting workbook for a template for your goals plan.

2019 goals challenge – day 3 Be kind to yourself

When working on change in my life, I’ve always found day 3 really tough.

Take it easy today, be kind to yourself and practise some self-care.

Read a book, get your nails done, get some exercise, watch a film, get creative, spend time with loved ones – whatever works for you.  Relax and enjoy some ‘me-time’.

If things do get tough, look back at your vision from day 1 to remind yourself why your goal is important to you.

2019 goals challenge – day 1: What’s your why?

One of the main reasons that people give up on their goals is because they aren’t passionate about them.  When you think about your goal, it should feel exciting, inspiring and motivating.

Take some time today to think about why your goal is important to you.  Write it down, or find some visual reminders to refer back to when times get tough.

Having a clear vision provides focus, clarity and motivation.  Share your vision with someone – if you’re clear and passionate, they will understand your aim and feel your excitement.