June goal review

I had a lot of goals for June 2019. And hit with some difficult things to work through, I feel as though I haven’t made much progress with any of them.

This is ok, as I’m a strong believer in constantly reviewing your goals to adapt to changing priorities.

I’d also prioritised self-care as my number one goal for the month, as I know that I’m working through hard things. So in reality, I’m on track with that. I did need to remind myself this several times throughout the month, so having my goals written down was a great help.

But taking the time to review, I realise that I’m actually on track with my top 3 goals, and have made progress with about 15 more ✅

This is why it’s important to take the time to review – you may be doing better than you thought. If not, it’s an opportunity to explore why not, to evaluate whether each goal is still a priority for you and, if so, to make a new plan to make it happen.

2019 goals challenge – day 8 Review

Regularly reviewing your progress allows you to tweak your plans to accommodate changes and keeps you on track.

Reviewing our goals allows us to:
Re-assess our current priorities
Learn from our mistakes (and our successes!)
Incorporate new information
Improve the next plan 

Some questions to ask yourself when reviewing:
What have you achieved?
What barriers have you overcome?
What didn’t you achieve and why?
What can you learn from this or do differently next time?

Remember to use the information from this to help shape your next plan.  The GoalGetting workbook provides templates for reviewing and re-planning.  Find it via the link below.
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