May goal planning

Have you set your goals for May, & created actionable steps in order to reach them?

Research shows that those who write their goals down are over 50% more likely to accomplish them than those who don’t🎯

And there are further steps you can take to increase that number to 95%!

The 60-page GoalGetting workbook makes it easy, walking you through the process step by step from goal-setting to success! ✅ 

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2019 goals challenge – day 8 Review

Regularly reviewing your progress allows you to tweak your plans to accommodate changes and keeps you on track.

Reviewing our goals allows us to:
Re-assess our current priorities
Learn from our mistakes (and our successes!)
Incorporate new information
Improve the next plan 

Some questions to ask yourself when reviewing:
What have you achieved?
What barriers have you overcome?
What didn’t you achieve and why?
What can you learn from this or do differently next time?

Remember to use the information from this to help shape your next plan.  The GoalGetting workbook provides templates for reviewing and re-planning.  Find it via the link below.
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