Daily gratitude

One of my 40 by 40 goals is to practice daily gratitude.

Research shows that practicing gratitude has the following benefits:

  • opens the door to new relationships
  • improves physical health
  • improves psychological health
  • improves empathy and reduces aggression
  • improves sleep
  • improves self-esteem
  • increases mental strength


I love my gratitude journal by Awesome Inc.

They have a range of beautiful designs, information on practicing gratitude,  pages of inspiration and ideas, and daily gratitude pages (undated, so you can dip in and out).  They also have a great range for kids.

If you’re looking for a gratitude journal, check them out at my affiliate link:  https://www.awesomeendsin.me?ref=2204

July Goal Planning

Who has set their goals for July? 🎯✅

I use goals to help me to run my life rather than the other way around!

Research shows that if you write your goals down, you are 50% more likely to achieve them (source).

So why not take some time to get your goals down on paper and see what you can achieve?

It doesn’t need to be pretty (I don’t think I’ll be winning any awards for my artistic ability!) – it can just be a scribble on a scrap of paper. Just the act of writing out your goals makes the difference.

Feel free to share your July goals in the comments, and see whose goals align with yours ❤️

June goal review

I had a lot of goals for June 2019. And hit with some difficult things to work through, I feel as though I haven’t made much progress with any of them.

This is ok, as I’m a strong believer in constantly reviewing your goals to adapt to changing priorities.

I’d also prioritised self-care as my number one goal for the month, as I know that I’m working through hard things. So in reality, I’m on track with that. I did need to remind myself this several times throughout the month, so having my goals written down was a great help.

But taking the time to review, I realise that I’m actually on track with my top 3 goals, and have made progress with about 15 more ✅

This is why it’s important to take the time to review – you may be doing better than you thought. If not, it’s an opportunity to explore why not, to evaluate whether each goal is still a priority for you and, if so, to make a new plan to make it happen.

GoalGetters Productivity Sessions – booking now for March!

Did you know that GoalGetters offers workplace productivity sessions?

Check it out if you need help getting on top of your workload, or streamlining your admin processes to spend more time on your core business. Click here for details.

GoalGetters Productivity Sessions advert

I’m currently taking bookings for 6, 20 or 27 March – contact me to arrange a suitable time.

I’m currently only offering face to face sessions, so this service is restricted to the Whangarei area.

2019 goals challenge – day 15 Do 1 thing today for your social wellbeing

GoalGetters uses the eight dimensions of wellness to help achieve balance in our lives.  Read more about this in the Finding Balance article.

Social wellness focuses on relationships – with family, friends and the wider community.  It includes interpersonal skills such as building friendships, listening and caring, and contributing towards the community.  Social connection is incredibly important to wellness, so you should always include leisure and recreation time in your schedule.

Goals within the social dimension may include spending time with friends and family, joining local groups with a shared interest (e.g. knitting circle), contributing towards the community (e.g. scout leader), or developing your social skills.

Try one of these today, or choose one of your own.

Step 7 – Review your goals

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry

Do you find that life gets in the way of your goals?  You don’t have to miss out on new opportunities that come along, or to give up on your goals.

Reviewing your goals gives you the opportunity to update your plan and re-check your priorities, as well as building in new knowledge and learning from your mistakes (or successes).

Find out more with the latest article: Best laid plans

This is step 7 of the GoalGetters challenge.  To find out more, sign up to the mailing list below and check the box ‘I want to join the GoalGetter challenge’.