GoalGetters pick of the Fitness products

In February, GoalGetters is focussing on physical goals. I’ve chosen healthy eating and fitness products for the review, as these are consistently among the most popular goals.

Check out my favourite health and fitness products here: GoalGetters pick of the fitness products.

I’m currently working on developing the community to include a directory of resources. As well as products such as those featured in the article, there will be websites, blog posts – anything that may be helpful to you on your GoalGetting journey. If you have any suggestions of resources to include, or any subject you’d like me to research resources for, please let me know.

Planning for an alcohol-free Feb

It’s February, and for many of us the new year’s resolutions are long forgotten along with the Christmas decorations and the time off work.  We start out with such good intentions, so why is it so hard to make our goals stick?

Join me on my journey to an alcohol-free Feb, and I will share valuable tips along the way to help you reach your health-related goals. 

Read the latest article: Planning for an alcohol-free Feb.

Did you make it through Quitters day?

According to a study by Strava, the second Friday in January is the day that many quit their new year’s resolutions.

How are you progressing with your 2019 goals?

This week’s article provides advice for:
✅ if you’re struggling
✅ if you’ve quit
✅ if you’re procrastinating
✅ if you’re going strong

Find the article here.

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New year’s resolutions – maximise your chance of success

Have you ever made New Year’s resolutions, only to find that you fall at the first hurdle and give up by the second week of January? You wouldn’t be alone. I don’t know exactly how many new year’s resolutions fail, but a quick Google search suggests that it is somewhere between 80 and 92%.

So how can you make sure that your resolutions succeed? This week’s article looks at some of the most common reasons people give up on their resolutions, and what you can do to maximise your chance of success.

Read the article here: https://goalgetters.co.nz/articles/new-years-resolutions-maximise-your-chance-of-success/