What’s your why?

Every goal involves sacrifice, otherwise you’d be doing it already.

This week’s article looks at examining your motivation, and making sure it is stronger than the sacrifice you are making.

Find the article here: What’s your why?

New to the challenge?  It’s not too late to catch up!  Start with Finding Balance.

Make your goals SMART!

The second week of the GoalGetters challenge looks at making SMART goals.

SMART goals help to give your aims clarity and focus, and help you to realise how to achieve them.  This will help your motivation, as you will be able to see the steps that you need to follow.

Find the article here: Setting goals

Missed week 1?  It’s not too late to catch up!  Start with Finding Balance.

GoalGetters challenge week 1: Finding balance

Welcome to the GoalGetters challenge!

The first week of the GoalGetters challenge looks at the importance of Balance in your life.

Find the details here: Finding Balance.

Read the article, complete the activity and then discuss your results with the Community.

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Welcome to GoalGetters!


GoalGetters is an online community supporting people to achieve their goals, due to launch in October.

There are three main components to GoalGetters:

– Articles

Each week, GoalGetters will post an article to help you work towards your goals.

The first 8 weeks will follow the 8 steps of the GoalGetters process, helping to build the community as everyone works through the process together.

– Community

The GoalGetters community is designed to provide accountability, motivation, inspiration, advice and friendship. Members can connect through forums, friendships, private groups and messaging.

Studies show that you are up to 95% more likely to achieve your goals if you have an effective accountability network like the GoalGetters community.

– Resources

Print and downloadable resources include:

*GoalGetting workbook
A 60-page workbook for you to work through the 8 steps of the GoalGetting process.

*GoalGetter planners
A range of planners (dated and undated) to help you plan, schedule and review your goals.

*GoalGetter templates
Various templates from the GoalGetters process available for individual download.

GoalGetters combines all the elements proven to increase the chance of achieving your goals. It is designed to make the process as easy as possible, with step by step guidance and community support.

Currently under development, the site is due to launch in October. Sign up to the mailing list to keep updated with the launch.