What’s your why?

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement
– W. Clement Stone

Every goal involves sacrifice – otherwise you’d be doing it already. There will be times when you question whether the sacrifice is worth it, so having your motivations written out is a great fall back plan.  It also helps to establish whether you do have the motivation to make the goal succeed, or whether it’s just a wish.

The bigger the sacrifice, the stronger your motivation to succeed will need to be.

Let’s continue with the savings goal from the setting goals article.

If you’re saving just for the sake of it, or without having really thought it through, it will be easier to get sidetracked than if you have the following motivation:

“I need $300 in 10 weeks time to pay the deposit for a luxury holiday with my best friends.”

The more boxes it ticks, the better. This goal meets several of the dimensions of wellness (spiritual, environmental, social, emotional, perhaps physical and occupational).

Vision board

Another very effective way of enhancing your motivation for a goal is to create a vision board. This is a board that gives a visual representation of your motivations.

It can be done physically, or digitally. It is usually a collection of pictures and inspirational words, as in the example below.

A vision board can involve a lot of effort. It may be easier to have a single visual reminder – e.g. a page from the holiday brochure, or a picture of the location that you can use as your screensaver or wallpaper on your device(s).

This week’s challenge is to write down why each goal is important to you.  Find an image to help remind you of your motivation, and for bigger goals consider creating a vision board.

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Next week’s challenge will look at ‘How will you make it happen?’ – breaking goals down into manageable steps to create an action plan.

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