Planning for a fun family Easter

Easter in our house is a time for family, relaxing, egg hunts and activities. Here are my finds to create the perfect fun-filled family Easter.

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Easter Egg hunt

fun family easter - egg hunt
Image by dlewisnash from Pixabay

What better way to start a fun family Easter than an egg hunt? My kids love this! Mr GoalGetters keeps them occupied while I play Easter bunny and hide treats around the garden.

I buy egg hunt kits to point the way, and make up treasure hunt rhyming clues. For prizes, I like to choose activities, which will keep the fun going throughout the day! I also include a couple of toys, and some candy (of course!).

Here are my finds to help create the perfect egg hunt:

Egg basket

I love these personalized baskets from Amazon! Click on the picture for details or to buy.

If you’re hosting a party or need lots of bags, this is a more economical option: Easter Bunny Tote bags (5 pack)

Egg hunt kits

These cute signs will help to point them in the right direction!

I love to create clues to help my kids find the goodies. If you don’t enjoy this, or don’t have time, you can download this kindle book full of ideas to help you out: Great Easter Egg Hunts: Creative Clues for Amateur Bunnies.
I use plain, coloured notecards to write the clues on – like these: American Greetings Rainbow Blank Single Panel Cards and Colored Envelopes, 200-Count.


I like to choose activity-based prizes to keep the fun going throughout the day. Last year we had crafts, chalk, games and colouring books. Here are my ideas for this year.

These Easter Egg Decorating Crafts Kits look like great fun! My kids will love them.

They’ll also love making and decorating their own bunny headbands with these kits: Easter Headband Craft Kit (Makes 12) – Crafts for Kids & Hats & Masks.

What better game for a fun family Easter than an egg and spoon race? You can do this easily and cheaply with eggs and spoons that you already have. Why not add to the fun by decorating the eggs first.

Alternatively you can try this games set, which has all you need for egg and spoon races, sack races and three legged races. I’m thinking of using it as an extra challenge within the egg hunt (getting them to balance, bounce or collaborate from one clue to the next).

Paint your own ceramics are always a hit in our house, and this set looks perfect for Easter: Four (4) Happy Easter Holiday Basket Stuffers Children’s Paint Your Own Ceramic Paint Kits Easter Duck, Easter Egg, Easter Bunny Rabbit and Easter Chick Set of 4 Items.

My kids are just starting to get the hang of jokes, so this joke book will be perfect! I love watching the penny drop as it takes them a moment to understand the play on words, or the absolute hilarity they find in the simplest of jokes.

Last, but not least, some chocolate. I’m a Cadburys fan, but as far as the kids are concerned anything goes at Easter! Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Hunt Super Pack 343g


I like to minimize the chocolate as far as possible, so I look for alternative gifts such as toys, pyjamas or books. Here are my picks for this year:


My son is a Lego fan, so this BrickHeadz Easter Bunny is the perfect choice. At just $7.99 it’s the perfect small gift to include with his Easter treats.

And my daughter will love the Hatchimals Easter Basket. With 6 eggs included, this will provide lots of fun waiting to see what will hatch.

Looking for a soft toy? This cute bunny is safe for babies from 3 months old, making it a great gift for the littlest members of your family.


We usually include a pair of pyjamas with the Easter gifts. With the changing season, they’re due for a new pair anyway! Here in NZ we’re heading into winter so I’ll often opt for flannelette. But for this article I’ve focused on mid-weight ones, suitable for either Spring or Autumn (to suit our global followers).

This cute pair is perfect for my daughter. A cute design and super comfy, this is sure to be a winner. My daughter loves pink, but there are heaps of other designs and colours available if this one isn’t right for you.

These dino-bunny PJs are a great choice for my dinosaur mad son!

Pyjamas have the added bonus that no-one tends to see them, so you can wear them year-round without worrying that the Easter design seems misplaced in September!


We love books, and How to Catch the Easter Bunny looks like a great read! Recommended for ages 4 to 10, this should suit both my 4 and my 6 year old. The review promises “a rollicking adventure chasing the Easter Bunny as he delivers his eggs”. It sounds like great fun!

There are also offerings from their favourite TV shows – Paw Patrol’s Count on the Easter Pups! (PAW Patrol), or Peppa Pig’s Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt.

What to wear?

For boys

Does anyone else find it much harder to shop for boys clothing than for girls? I always find so many pretty dresses, outfits and accessories for girls, but struggle to find anything for my son. Well, don’t worry, I’ve done the hard work for you. This Ben Sherman outfit is smart enough for Easter (in our house), but casual enough for searching in the garden for Easter treats.

For girls

Although there are lots of cute outfits with bunnies on for girls, I’ve opted for these simple playwear sets from Carter’s. They will get more wear than something obviously Easter-themed. They have cute designs, but are also comfortable and well-made. My daughter will love them!

For baby

We don’t have a baby in our house any more. And no, I’m not getting clucky! But there are so many adorable outfits for babies that I wanted to include this section. Again, I found so much more for girls than boys. And again, I’ve opted for the comfort and style of this Carter’s outfit. This is also not too obviously Easter-themed, so will last longer than a weekend.

This one is Easter-themed! But how cute. And you can still switch out the bodysuit and use the pants and beanie outside of Easter. Happy Easter everyone!

For mum

I’m one of those mums who puts everyone else first, so I don’t usually get a new outfit for Easter. But I wanted the article to be rounded, and I was actually hoping to find something that resonated with me. It turns out that lots of women get jewellery or shoes for Easter. Or at least Amazon hope they will 😉 Perhaps in frustration at the struggle to find clothes for their sons!

There are certainly not the smart casual trendy threads in their Women’s Easter Styles collection that I was looking for. But I do quite like this handbag. I’m not likely to buy it, but wanted to share it nonetheless. I guess I’ll be sticking to the usual jeans and hoody combo (I’ll try to mix it up, as my 6 year old son has started to remark upon the fact that I wore the same jumper last time we were here!).

For dad

There are lots of shirts and pants (and watches) on offer if Easter is smart in your household. But in ours, Easter is a casual affair, and so this t-shirt is just right.


What family occasion would be complete without food? Our highlight will be a roast lamb lunch with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, a selection of seasonal veg, mint sauce and gravy. And I’m sure we’ll rustle up something for dessert.

Last, but not least, there will be chocolate. Here are some of my choices:

Cadbury Buttons easter eggs are absolutely my favourite!

Although these days I also love chocolate bunnies.

If you have the time, save money and personalise chocolate by using these moulds.

8 Replies to “Planning for a fun family Easter”

  1. I love your ideas and suggestions for gifts. I always have a hard time finding my kids something to give for Easter other than candy that they would enjoy. Great post!

  2. When my kids were younger, we did more Easter activities, but my son is 20 and my daughter is 18, so we don’t do much anymore except have dinner. However, I did Easter baskets for them up until 2 years ago. My daughter used to insist, so I used to find age-appropriate books, games, and candy to wrap in a basket. Thanks for reminding about all that extra stuff we don’t have to worry about anymore!

    1. Oh no, I hope it doesn’t become a worry! But yes, it can be quite time-consuming pulling it all together. Enjoy the break, and hopefully your kids will continue the tradition if they have kids of their own, and you can just sit back and enjoy the fun!

  3. We do an egg hunt as well. I usually buy my daughter a nice Easter outfit and put together an Easter basket with mostly non candy items. I never thought to do games or paint your own ceramics. Its ounds like your family will have a fun filled day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Darcey! We do have fun. This is just our second year doing it, I’m looking to build a new tradition (we do a similar thing in December in place of an advent calendar).

  4. I’m always looking for fun Easter activities! I liked your idea about the races, sounds fun . My kiddos are going to love it!

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