Make it happen

In today’s world, we are expected to do more and more – it is little wonder that so many people don’t make time for their goals.

Once you have completed your GoalGetter plan, make sure you take some time to schedule it into your diary to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Bigger picture

Start by looking at what you want to achieve over your lifetime, then ten years, then five.  Then change the focus to the next twelve months, looking at what you want to achieve in each month.  Remember to keep it realistic!

Conflicting demands

Trying to fit everything into your diary is likely to bring you to examine your priorities.

What is important to you may not be important to someone else, so your priorities are personal as they are linked to your values.  For example, some might consider buying ready meals to reduce time spent on meal preparation.  You might prefer not to make this efficiency, as you value nutritional home-cooked meals.  That is ok, but you need to consider the value of this against the sacrifice you are making for it.  Are you spending all your time cooked rather than working towards your goal of getting fit?

Once you have determined your priorities, here are some tips for offloading those tasks that you no longer have time for:

Drop it

Does this really need doing, or can it just be dropped?

Delegate it

Who else could do this?  Consider paying a professional if this is an option for you (e.g. cleaner, gardener, babysitter).

Decrease it

Is there a more efficient way to do this?  Consider the example above of buying ready meals to reduce time spend preparing meals.

Do it later

Does this definitely need to be done now, or could you do it later?

Dramatic change

Are there any large scale changes you could make?  For example, changing jobs to allow more time for personal activities, or moving house to be closer to family.  Would you want to make these changes?

Do one thing

There are many activities that fulfil a number of needs.  For me, running meets all of the following needs:

Physical (the physical exertion of running)
Emotional (running produces endorphins, and reduces stress)
Environmental (I run outside and appreciate nature)
Spiritual (it allows me time alone to contemplate)
Financial (it is cheaper than many other activities)

Consider where you might be able to do one activity that meets a number of needs.

Schedule it in

Schedule the activity into your diary, and treat it as an appointment that you need to show up for.  Remember to keep space in your calendar for unforeseen events.  And don’t forget the importance of rest or fun!

The advantage of scheduling rather than list-making is that it makes you look at the task in relation to the time that you have available, and so it is easier to see whether it is achievable or not.  This gives you the opportunity to see where you need to prioritise, and what may need to be dropped.

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