Make 2019 YOUR year!

And so this is Christmas, and what have you done…

The end of the year is a perfect time for reflecting upon your achievements, and developing your vision for the coming year. Follow the steps below to celebrate your 2018 ‘big wins’, and set your dreams for 2019.

Celebrate 2018

Make sure you allow yourself some time to celebrate your success in 2018. Celebrating success helps to reinforce your idea of yourself as a successful person, which builds your confidence and brings more success! It also helps you to create a positive mindset. 2018 wasn’t my best year ever, but taking the time to celebrate has reminded me just how much positivity I’ve had.

What were your key achievements of 2018? What made you happy? What challenges did you overcome? Who are you grateful for?

Dream Big for 2019

Build your vision for 2019. Don’t worry about HOW you will achieve it, this is the time for dreaming! This is how you find your passion.

Think about the things you WANT to do, the things that make you happy. Who do you want to do them with? Where do you want to go? What do you want to learn?

Check back to the Finding Balance article, and make sure you’ve covered all the dimensions of wellbeing.

Get Creative!

Make it visual. Then when you’re losing focus or don’t know which direction to take, it will be an instant reminder of your purpose and drive. Create a vision board online with Pinterest, Canva, or even Word; or the old-fashioned way with scissors and glue or pen and paper.

Have fun! Focussing on your dreams should be inspiring and motivating. Take some time before drawing up your action plan to enjoy dreaming!

Join the 2019 goals challenge

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