Live your dream

What dreams will come true for you with the GoalGetters challenge?

The GoalGetters process can be applied to any goal. It takes you through the process of goal-setting, planning and action, covering all the steps that are shown to increase your chances of success.

At each stage, connect with the GoalGetters community for inspiration, advice, accountability, motivation, support and friendship.

Even the most creative amongst us cannot imagine every possibility on our own. Turn to the GoalGetters community for inspiration around goal-setting, problem-solving and action-planning.

Every member of the GoalGetters community brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with them. Tap into this to make your goal plans as strong as possible. And remember to share your expertise where it’s needed.

An effective accountability network is shown to increase chances of success by up to 95%. Take advantage of the GoalGetters community and build an accountability network to sure-up your chances of success.

Every goal involves sacrifice, otherwise you would be doing it already. The GoalGetters community can be your cheer squad on the tough days. Just make sure you line them up in advance, as we’re all great at making excuses when we’ve lost our motivation.

Failure is a natural part of working towards goals. Even when we know that ‘a setback is just a set up for a comeback’, it still sucks when our plans don’t work out. The GoalGetters community can understand and empathise, and maybe even get you on the road to the comeback.

In a community where members work together to support each other in the pursuit of sometimes very personal goals, it is inevitable that some close friendships will be made. Find your new friends today in the GoalGetters community.

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