Live a life true to yourself

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”
Number one regret of the dying, Bonnie Ware.

A couple of years ago, I found myself living the life expected of me rather than one of my choosing. A busy working mum, I spent my days struggling to fit in everything I thought I should do, with no time left for anything I wanted to do. In fact, I’d been doing it for so long that I wasn’t even sure what it was that I wanted any more.

So I took stock, spent some time thinking about the things that I wanted to do, and set about making them happen.

I had an amazing year! I quit smoking, stopped drinking, went from non-runner to half marathon, and generally went about achieving whatever I set my mind to.

I did this by focusing on my goals. I found it to be so powerful that I wanted to share it with everyone!

I looked for a resource that would walk me through the process step by step, but I couldn’t find one that covered all the steps I needed.

So I created GoalGetters.

What is GoalGetters?

GoalGetters is an online community supporting people working towards and achieving their goals.

Each week, I will post an article related to the pursuit of goals.

The first eight weeks will follow the 8 steps of the GoalGetters process – a challenge, for all community members to work through together (sign up here).  I’ve scheduled this to finish in early December, to avoid the busy Christmas period, and to lead into the new year when many people start thinking of resolutions.

The steps are based on studies into what makes people successful in achieving their goals. Each step is shown to increase your chance of success.

This is supported by the GoalGetters community. Members can post in the forums, and connect through messaging and private groups.

Screenshot from GoalGetters Community

The community is a space to:

  • share ideas, advice and inspiration
  • encourage, support and motivate each other
  • set up accountability networks

Research shows that you are up to 95% more likely to achieve your goals if you have an effective accountability network like the GoalGetters community.

Membership costs just $25 for 3 months, so you can be well on the way to reaching your goals for about $2 a week. I’ve kept it as affordable as possible as I don’t want cost to be a barrier (sign up here).

Too busy for GoalGetters?

GoalGetters isn’t necessarily about doing more, it’s about helping you do what you want to do.

Often that will take work and sacrifice (otherwise you’d be doing it already!), and that is why the community is so important. The encouragement, support and advice helps to make the process enjoyable rather than a burden. The step by step process breaks it down and makes it achievable.

But I already know how to achieve goals

So did I! I’ve been successfully achieving goals throughout my life and have some solid skills to back this up. What I was missing was taking the time to think about what I want, rather than just trying to achieve everything that was expected of me.

But even if you’re new to this, the step by step process of GoalGetters walks you through it.

The purpose of GoalGetters is to make the process as easy as possible.

In a world where we are constantly expected to do more and more, make sure you take the time to be true to yourself.

The GoalGetters challenge starts on 15 October.  Join us and start living the life that you want (sign up here).