GoalGetters pick of the planners

If you want to smash your 2019 goals, you’ll need to start planning your strategy now.  And what better way than treating yourself to a stylish planner to help you enjoy the planning process.

Here’s an overview of my favourite planners to accompany my goal-getting journey:

The Happy Planner – my choice for personal / life planning

The Happy Planner combines planning with creativity, with a range of planners, stickers, accessories and inserts available to customise the planner to your needs.

It allows you to create a very visual plan, which I find inspirational and motivating.  It has monthly and weekly plans.  On the weekly plan, each day is divided into three, which I’ve used for a variety of purposes: morning / afternoon / evening; plan / action / reflection; one for each of my top 3 priorities.  It allows the flexibility to use these as you choose.  To add to this flexibility, there are dated and undated options available.

I love these planners, and don’t really notice the drawbacks.  But if I was being picky, they could do with more space at the start and end of each month for planning and review (although, being customisable, this is probably achievable through inserts).  I prefer a Monday to Sunday week – the weekly plans use this format, but for some reason the monthly plans run Sunday to Saturday, which is a little annoying.  The biggest drawback for me would have to be the cost.  As these aren’t stocked in New Zealand, the cost of shipping was pretty exorbitant!  But, I’m a planner nerd, so I coveted this for a long time and then treated myself as a birthday gift 😉

Happiness Planner – my choice for reflection / self improvement

The Happiness Planner is less a planner, and more a tool for self improvement.  This is a daily planner, with space and prompts for goal-setting and reflections.  It is beautifully presented, but the cost does reflect this (it’s expensive).  It is high quality, so to me it is worth the cost.  However, there are times when I haven’t managed to write every day, when I feel as though I have wasted money 🙁  I’m torn on this point though, as I understand that the investment should be an incentive to write every day, which is what drives the self-improvement this is aiming for.  All in all, I still love this product and would love the spiral-bound 2019 planner (I’ve just finished one of their 100-day planners).  Alternatively, there is the 52 week journal for weekly reflection if you struggle to write each day.

I also love the look of the rest of their product range, particularly the boxes (5 available, focused on confidence, growth mindset, law of attraction, purpose or self awareness) and the notepads (change a habit in 30 days, get fit and healthy, gratitude, goals and vision).

Awesome Ends in Me – my choice for gratitude / positivity

Awesome Ends in Me offer a range of gratitude journals for adults and kids, as well as tools to build resilience.  Beautifully presented, each day in addition to the space to list the things you are grateful for (purposefully undated so you won’t feel guilty for skipping days), there are inspirational quotes, a happiness scale and space for a daily affirmation.  There is an introduction to gratitude and the science behind it, and suggested activities at the start and throughout the book.  I can’t think of a drawback to this product. It is a journal rather than a planner, but I’ve included it here as I love this tool for positivity.

The Girls Mean Business – Awesome Marketing Planner – my choice for business planning

This one is specifically for women in business, and focuses on developing marketing skills to increase your success.  Mine hasn’t arrived yet, but it is winging it’s way to me as I type, and I can’t wait to get stuck into it!  I’m promised “A beautiful A5, full-colour, hardback marketing planner book full of marketing training, accountability, trackers and more. It could change your business and your life!”.  The planner is supported by online training, a facebook group, a wall planner and weekly bum-kicking emails.

Although this only speaks to the specific niche of women in business, we do have a number of those within the GoalGetters community, which is why I’ve included it on the list.

GoalGetting workbook – your one-stop shop for goals success

When I created GoalGetters my plan included a range of planners to accompany the GoalGetting journey.  I quickly realised that there are a number of planners on the market already that are far prettier than mine, so I decided to focus on the community which is at the core of the GoalGetters vision.  Which is why I’ve chosen to introduce you to my favourite planners and journals with this article, with a view that they can be used alongside the GoalGetters process.

However, if you value function over style, the GoalGetting workbook provides templates that cover three months worth of planning and review.  The workbook walks you through the GoalGetting process step by step, with each step based on the research into goals success.

Disclaimer: This article uses affiliate links where available to help support the running of GoalGetters.  This has not in any way influenced the products included – all the products I’ve included are those that I’ve personally invested in to help my GoalGetting journey.