You have worked hard towards your goals, you deserve to celebrate.  Celebrating success also helps to motivate you to achieve your goals.

Celebration ideas

Dinner or drinks with your support group

This can also be a way to acknowledge and thank them for their role in your success.

Treat yourself to something new

A new dress for reaching that weight loss goal, workout equipment for sticking to fitness regime, music to enhance your meditation time – if it’s relevant to your goal it can help to consolidate your new habit and keep the motivation going.

Take a break

Achieving goals can be hard work, treat yourself to some time off.  BUT, make sure you quantify the timeframe around this to avoid slipping into a GoalGetting rut!

Your break could be spent doing something you don’t normally have time to do, spending time with those you love, or time for yourself.  It may be for rest and relaxation, or for activity.

Create a photobook or write your story

This could be for one particular goal, or for various goals over a month or year, or within one focus area.  Or just print a single photo that encapsulates your success.  Share your story with the GoalGetters community.

Get active

Run, walk, dance…  You might have some excited energy to burn off.

Shout it from the rooftops!

Or, in today’s age, share on social media.  Don’t forget the GoalGetters community – you might be the encouragement someone else needs to start on their journey.

Don’t lose momentum!

Once you have achieved a goal, it is important to set your next goal so that you don’t lose momentum.  For example, I started a new running habit, progressing from non-runner to half marathon in just over a year.  Once I’d run my half, I assumed that I would keep my running habit, and just enter the occasional 10k when I could.  But I didn’t.  Because I hadn’t set any clear goals or targets, I lost my motivation.  I skipped training days and struggled to run 5k.  Once I realised what had happened, I identified my next goal and stepped up my training.  I went on to complete my second half marathon.

It doesn’t need to be another big goal, I could’ve found a 5k or 10k to work towards – the important thing is having a goal to focus on.