Best Laid Plans

Best laid plans

Do you find that there’s always something getting in the way of your goals?

You want to lose weight, but your friends invite you around for dinner and it’s not healthy.  You want to save money, but every time you start to get ahead another expense comes up.  Or maybe you just keep putting it off until tomorrow.

You might have made strategies for dealing with some of these in your GoalGetters plan, but there will always be things that come up out of the blue – and life would be pretty boring if there weren’t.

If you’re offered a free holiday, but it clashes with the plans you’d made to join the gym, which would you choose?

Here’s the secret – you don’t have to stick to the plan.  If a better opportunity comes along, you can re-evaluate and adjust the plan.  This doesn’t mean that you abandon the goal completely, but you constantly review and assess your current priorities.


Reviewing our goals allows us to:

  •  Re-assess our current priorities
  •  Learn from our mistakes (and our successes!)
  •  Incorporate new information
  •  Improve the next plan

Regularly reviewing your progress allows you to tweak your plans to accommodate changes and keeps you on track.  It also gives you the opportunity to reflect upon what went well and what could have gone better, so that you can make these improvements for next time.  I always do my review at the same time as planning, so I can use my learnings from the review in my next plan.

You can review annually, monthly, weekly, daily or to any timeframe that suits you.  As with planning, you can adapt the level of detail to suit your style and timeframe.  Sometimes the goal will determine the level of review.  For example, if you are aiming to change behaviours or habits, you will probably need to review daily.

Once you have achieved a goal, it is worthwhile revisiting your GoalGetters plan to see what went to plan and where you had to adapt.

Review questions

Here are some questions that you could ask yourself during the review process.  Don’t forget to check in with your accountability network for their input.

  • What did you achieve?
  • What barriers have you overcome?
  • What didn’t you achieve and why?
  • What can you learn from this or do differently next time?
  • Was it challenging enough?
  • Have you achieved the goals in each of your focus areas?
  • How did you feel when you accomplished your goal(s)?
  • What sacrifices did you make and were they worth it?
  • Who or what are you grateful for?
  • How is this contributing to your values and lifetime goals?
  • Have you achieved your three main priorities?  Are these really your top priorities?Remember to keep your review information to hand for your next planning stage, so that you can incorporate your learning into your next plan.

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