Alcohol-free Feb: week 3 – progress

In February, GoalGetters is focussing on physical goals.  I’m going alcohol-free, and sharing my journey to help others with their health-related goals.  This article follows my third week without booze. Check out the previous articles here:

Valentine’s Day

Who knew wine was such a focus of Valentine’s day? It never occurred to me before I was abstaining. Even then, it was just a passing thought that it would have been a good excuse of a glass of prosecco.

Valentine’s wine

But I had the misfortune to need to go to the supermarket on Valentine’s day. At 5pm. And it was HEAVING with men buying wine. Most of them staring at me as my 4 year old screamed at the injustice of not getting what she wanted. Apparently if I didn’t buy her a heart balloon proclaiming my love for her, then I don’t truly love her 🤷‍♀️. By this stage, I was rather fancying a glass myself.

Running progress

Skip forward a few days, and I managed a 10k run on Sunday! This was a huge achievement – I’m not sure I’ve run 10k since my last half marathon in June. I promptly signed up for the 10k race that I’d resigned myself to giving up on, and I haven’t run since!! Oh well, there are still a couple of weeks left until the race.

Running goals

National drink wine day

Apparently there is an international day of wine (of course there is, there’s a day for everything), and it’s in February. Although I just Googled it to find an image for this article, and discovered it’s a national day for the UK. I’m not sure how it made its way to New Zealand to taunt me. On the plus side, the US day is in May, so I’ll be sure to raise a glass to that one!

Counting down

I am now three quarters of the way through my alcohol-free month. It has been harder than I thought, and I’m starting to count down days until the end of the month. I’m not sure why, as it’s not as though I’m going to drink on 1 March given that I’ve signed up to a race on the third. I think part of it is that element of wanting something just because it’s off limits. From 1 March I’ll be ‘allowed’ to drink again, and more often than not will choose not to.

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