Alcohol-free Feb: week 2 – Remembering why

In February, GoalGetters is focussing on physical goals.  I’m going alcohol-free, and sharing my journey to help others with their health-related goals.  Check out the previous articles here:

This week has been tough, with some unsettling news at work, a holiday and a visit to a winery.  All good excuses for a drink or five two.

The work news was on Friday afternoon – an already perilous time, with Friday evenings perfect for celebrating the end of the work week and relaxing and unwinding with a glass of wine.  Add to that the fact that we were leaving straight after work for our holiday, and I was seriously doubting my resolve.

I picked my husband up from work to discover he’d bought a bottle of wine to take.  I don’t know whether this was for me, for him, or a general contribution to the kitty, but it definitely added to the temptation.

We arrived at the campsite on a beautiful, sunny evening, and I was offered a G&T.  I must admit, I considered accepting.  Worse still, the thought ‘none of my followers would know’ popped into my head.  This is completely not me!! I am honest to a fault.  I was alarmed at the idea that my want to drink had caused such a thought. 

I also considered accepting the drink and being honest about it – to make it more relatable for those following who are struggling to break habits.  But I do have that struggle, it’s just not with the booze – more about that later on.

I was annoyed with myself for being tempted – I’ve been alcohol-free for the best part of a year not too long ago, this shouldn’t be hard.

I declined the drink, unpacked and settled down with my lemon, lime and bitters.  I concentrated on enjoying my dinner, and playing with the kids.

The next day wasn’t such a challenge.  We had dinner at a winery, but I didn’t have the multitude of emotions and ‘triggers’ that I had on Friday night.  I enjoyed my food and the company (yes, it would have been nice to have a glass of wine to accompany it, but I didn’t miss it too much).  I was happy to entertain the kids, and pleased to be sober at the end of the night to deal with their deteriorating behavior.

I was pleased with myself for making it through with only a minor temptation, and congratulated myself for making it to half way through the month.  Then I realised it was only the 10th :-/

I now have a bottle of red wine to join the leftover G&T taunting and tempting me.  And to look forward to on 1st March.

Remembering my why

To help me through to the end of the month, I’m reflecting on why I’ve chosen this goal.  There are two main reasons – to improve my health and fitness; and to use as a case study of the GoalGetters process to help others with their health goals.

My first and main motivation was to improve my health and fitness.  This was primarily to kickstart my running, which has been suffering for months (remember I said I was stuck?).  Secondly, I was hoping this would help me to shift a few kilos.  This has been derailed by a stomach bug I’ve been skirting around the edges of (and occasionally succumbing to) since the start of the month.  I haven’t been able to run. 

I am feeling incredibly frustrated, and I need to take some time to reflect and reframe.  How can I move forward with my running goal?  Is my alcohol-free goal still relevant?

I’ll deal with the second question first as it is more straightforward.  Running is just one of my health goals, and being alcohol-free will support this among others (especially while I’m recovering from sickness), so yes, it’s still important.  Plus it’s giving me lots of material to share to help others overcome their struggles.  There’s also an element of proving a point now that I’ve said I’ll do it, but generally I’m not afraid to walk away from things if I realise that they are the wrong path.

How can I move forward with my running goal?

I (begrudgingly) accept that while I’m recovering from sickness, I need to rest.  So what can I do about my running goal?  I need to review and evaluate whether my original goal is still feasible, or whether to set a new goal.  This is hard to do when I don’t know how long it will take to recover.  I will make some time to focus on this at the weekend, and meanwhile keep trying to run every couple of days.  I’ll also plan better to give myself the best chance of success – so I’m not running in the heat of the day; making sure I’m eating & drinking right, etc.  I can also focus on eating healthier for weight loss, so when I get my fitness back there is less for my legs to lug around!!  There’s always a different path 😉

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  1. I’m also doing alcohol-free February – I like to have a month off occasionally, even though I don’t drink much anyway. Once you decide to do it, it’s surprising how easy it is. And with regards to the running, I always think there are people who are good at running and people who are good runners. The former may be faster, but the latter – the ones who do what they can, no matter what – are the ones I really admire. Keep it up, and good luck!

    1. Thank you! Struggling with the running at the moment, but I will keep trying. It ticked so many boxes for me when I was doing it. I find the opposite with not drinking – finding it so much harder than I imagined! It seems as though there are so many occasions for a drink. It does make you realise how much it is embedded within our culture.

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