Alcohol-free Feb – end of week 1

As usual, things haven’t quite gone to plan. No, I haven’t fallen off the wagon.  But I have been under the weather on & off all week. ‘Off’ often enough for alcohol-free to still be a challenge,  but ‘on’ enough that my main motivation of increased health & fitness has been completely scuppered.  I’m feeling very sorry for myself!

Here’s a summary of my week so far:

Day 1 – Friday

My favourite drinking day. The end of the working week, a time to relax and unwind with a glass of wine.  But it was day 1, so I was fresh with enthusiasm for the challenge.  Feeling righteous sipping on my fruit infused water, I relaxed and unwound watching a movie with the kids.  Vaguely taunted by the single g&t leftover in the fridge.

Day 2 – Saturday

Felt completely wiped out so not drinking wasn’t a challenge.

Day 3 – Sunday

Feeling much better 🙂 I tried to go for a run in the morning, but my legs weren’t quite up to it. Had a productive day, and ignored the thought of celebrating with a glass of wine. 

The kids’ bedtime was particularly challenging, with tantrums and meltdowns.  The leftover g&t started calling. But I had a plan, & I substituted gin with junk food.  Not a great long-term plan, but one to get me through the early days.

Day 4 – Monday

Again, I wasn’t feeling sick until I tried to run! Another failed run. Otherwise uneventful.

Day 5 – Tuesday

Felt much better (& didn’t try to run!). But I was blindsided by the mid-week bank holiday tomorrow.  It’s like another Friday I hadn’t accounted for! I was feeling much better, there was no rush for bedtime, the kids were watching a movie – it was the perfect evening to have a glass of wine while cooking dinner. I forgot to focus on the positive (there’s less positive to focus on with my two main motivators on the back burner!!). I felt sorry for myself and grumpy, & turned to chocolate and an early night. 

Day 6 – Wednesday  (waitangi day)

I am not better. On the plus side, I wasn’t resentful of missing out on a glass of wine with lunch. Had a family day out, but really I should have stayed home and rested. Maybe I should stop turning to junk food, it probably isn’t helping me to recover.

Planning for week two:

Remembering my why isn’t working right now, given that my two biggest motivators are health and fitness, and they’re not playing ball.  Good job I have the accountability of having announced my intention to the world! And the responsibility of people watching my journey to see whether it’s something that they could do. I can’t let them down.

My biggest challenge is coming up this weekend  (if I’m better) – a weekend camping with a trip to a winery.  My plan is to focus on the positives:

– enjoying time with family

– enjoying good food

– swimming, playing

– being a gracious sober driver 😉

What are your tips for sticking to your goals when things get challenging?

7 Replies to “Alcohol-free Feb – end of week 1”

  1. I admire your ability to stay the course. Allow yourself a pity party here and there, and pat yourself on the back one day at a time you’re able to stick to your goal. 💛

  2. As cheesy as this may sound, way to stick with it! You may have had several off days, but the fact is you didn’t crack. When I am facing a super challenging goal that I want to meet, but know I’ll struggle with, I like to enlist the help of my husband. I make sure he knows how badly I want to meet my goal and how tough I expect it to be. He then helps by holding me accountable when I am ready to abandon ship. Really anyone that is ‘your person’ will do though.

  3. The best way to stick to your goals is simply to realize that results take time, nothing happens instantly. Take it day by day, step by step. You’re doing great. Celebrate your success.

  4. You got this girl! I’m proud of you for taking this journey and documenting it for us to follow!

    When things get challenging I tend to cave in easily BUT finding alternatives and remembering my WHY does help sometimes.

  5. Wow. Well done. My tip to staying with your goals when it becomes challenging is to get a good network of support around you, it’s so easy to be around people that don’t want to change so they will excuse your habits. But being around someone who is supportive, compassionate and who wants you to win, is amazing. Also, praising yourself regardless, self-compassion goes a long way

    1. YES. This is *exactly* why I’ve created the GoalGetters community, because when you’re making changes, your current circle might not get it, and may even feel threatened. The community is a place for this support and motivation, as well as inspiration and advice when setting goals, and let’s not forget accountability.

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