Research shows that having an active accountability network can increase your chance of success by up to 95% (American Society of Training and Development).

Here are the stats.

The probability of completing a goal if:

–       You have an idea or a goal = 10%

–       You consciously decide you will do it = 25%

–       You decide when you will do it = 40%

–       You plan how you will do it = 50%

–       You commit to someone you will do it = 65%

–       You have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to = 95%

Look familiar?  If you’re following the GoalGetters process, you will cover each step off.

But let’s look more closely at accountability.  There’s a 30% increase in your chance of success if you set a specific accountability appointment rather than just committing to someone.  Want to increase your chance of success to 95%?  Make sure your accountability plan is active.

How to create an accountability network

Completing the GoalGetters plan and scheduling key actions starts the process of building accountability.  By breaking your goals down, writing them out and scheduling key actions, you already have a clear plan to hold yourself accountable to.  However, even with the strongest plan and self discipline, everybody needs a little help sometimes.

Sharing your goals with other people adds another element of accountability.  This may be your friends and family, a respected mentor, or the GoalGetters community (or all of these).

Sharing your goals helps to enhance your motivation.  Choose people who will support you in your goals and cheer you on.

Choose people who will challenge and push you.  Having these people on your team may help you to reach new levels and exceed your expectations.

Your support network will share in your success and help to celebrate each achievement.

They will help to keep you on track, checking in on progress and helping to remind you of your motivations when things get tough.

With a support network, you will always have company on your GoalGetters journey, for inspiration, motivation or celebration.

How to set up an Accountability network

1 Identify suitable people

Choose people who will be positive and supportive of your goals, or who have knowledge or expertise in the area that you are focussing on.  Examples include friends and family, a respected mentor, or the GoalGetters Community.  You may want someone who can cover all roles (supporting, challenging, reminding), or various people who cover these roles between them.

2 Share your GoalGetters plan

It is important that your accountability network fully understand your goals and motivations, as this is the information that they draw upon to support you.  They may be able to provide inspiration or new ideas, or challenge you to push yourself further.

3 Outline what support you need

Are you just looking for someone to cheer you on and share your successes, or do you need someone to check in with you weekly to make sure that you are meeting your deliverables?  Chances are if you haven’t defined this at the start, you may not get what you need, and this could lead to tension and frustration on both sides.  Make sure that you are clear about what you need, at the start and throughout the process.

4 Keep them updated on your progress

If you want them to help celebrate your success, you need to let them know when you have achieved this!  You should keep your accountability partner(s) informed of any change in plan, whether that be meeting a deliverable, experiencing a setback, revising the GoalGetters plan, or anything else.

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