40 by 40: Goal ideas

40 goals for my 40th year

I started GoalGetters because I was really passionate about the power of goals and the transformation they helped me to achieve within my life.  I wanted to find a way to share this with everyone!  But somewhere along the way I’ve let my personal goals fall to the wayside.

And so I came up with the idea of 40 by 40.

40 goals I’d like to achieve in my 40th year.

I’ll blog throughout the process, so if you have any big (or not so big) goals or dreams that you’d like to achieve, why don’t you join me?

My 39th birthday is fast approaching so I’ll be starting this week, but you can join in at any time. Sign up to the mailing list to get the latest updates delivered directly to your mailbox.

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Finding balance

The first step towards reaching your goals is to identify which areas of your life you’d like to set goals for. I like to aim for balance with my goals, and to do that I use the eight dimensions of wellbeing. See my previous article Finding Balance for more information.

I take four sheets of paper, and use half a sheet for each dimension of wellbeing. Then, I map each goal idea under one of the dimensions. The GoalGetting workbook has templates to help you do this.

You may find that your goals fit within more than one area – that’s great! For this exercise, choose the area that it aligns with most closely.

My goal ideas for 40 by 40 are below. These are just ideas at this stage – the next step is to turn them into goals!

Spiritual wellbeing

I found this one difficult to start with – I’m not a particularly spiritual person. So I checked back to the definition of spiritual wellbeing, and realised that some ideas I’d put under other dimensions would fit here.

Spiritual wellbeing is: “expanding our sense of purpose and finding meaning in life. It is strongly linked to our values, and the need for our lives and external environment to be in harmony with our values and beliefs.

Goals within the spiritual dimension may include meditation, prayer, acts of compassion, mindfulness, relaxation, music, and fun (among many others).” – the GoalGetting workbook.

My goal ideas for my spiritual wellbeing

1. Have fun!
2. 40 self-care activities
3. 40 tunes
4. Play music
5. Meditation

Emotional wellbeing

Again, I found that lots of things that contribute to my emotional wellbeing fell under other categories. This is no surprise when you consider the five steps to emotional wellbeing are:

  • connect (social)
  • be active (physical)
  • take notice (spiritual)
  • keep learning (intellectual)
  • give (spiritual and social)

But I managed to pull together a few ideas.

Gratitude journal by Awesome Inc

My goal ideas for my emotional wellbeing

1. Finish Mind over Mood?  Or get Start Here (self-help books)
2. Gratitude journal
3. Affirmations / journal
4. Sharing the load

Sharing the load isn’t immediately obvious as an emotional goal. However, sometimes the best thing to meet your emotional needs is to address an issue, rather than to reframe it or adjust your attitude. Sharing the load is something that I need to address.

Physical wellbeing

I found it much easier to come up with goal ideas for my physical wellbeing. I’m not so sure they’ll be as easy to accomplish though!

At this stage, I’ll add them in even though I don’t know whether they’re feasible. My next step is to make these goals SMART, so then I might need to revise them if they aren’t realistic.

My goal ideas for my physical wellbeing

1. Run a marathon
2. Drink less wine
3. Lose weight
4. Complete fitness regime
5. Get dolled up for an occasion

Financial wellbeing

I only had a couple of goals in this category until I went back to the Gain a Grand Challenge for some inspiration. There were a few ideas there that will help me towards my financial wellbeing.

Even just the act of prioritising thinking about my finances will be useful, so I’ve added this in to do each week.

My goal ideas for my financial wellbeing

1. Set a budget and stick to it
2. Pay $XX off mortgage (or save towards an extension)
3. Invest
4. Learn about a money mindset
5. Each week practice something from the Gain a Grand Challenge

Social wellbeing

There are so many elements to social wellbeing that it was easy to come up with goal ideas here. The difficult part will be deciding on just one goal for each goal idea!

My goal ideas for my social wellbeing

1. Friends (near and far)
2. Family (near and far)
3. Relationship
4. Communities
5. Social skills development

Environmental wellbeing

Like Social wellbeing, environmental wellbeing also covers a range of meanings. From looking after the environment, to enjoying nature, to discovering new places, to your immediate environment (i.e. your home and garden goals fit here).

My goal ideas for my environmental wellbeing

1. Epic trip
2. 40 new places
3. Eco-friendly toiletries and cleaning
4. 10 house maintenance
5. Declutter
6. Personalise my space

Occupational wellbeing

This one is somewhat in flux for me right now. But I have some great goals for GoalGetters to keep me occupied! I am also contributing towards a couple of committees within my communities, which is using my skills to contribute towards causes that matter to me.

My goal ideas for my occupational wellbeing

1. GoalGetters
2. Career
3. School parents group
4. Parents Centre Committee
5. Teach a class (in person or online)

Intellectual wellbeing

Recently I’ve relied upon my occupational activities to maintain my intellectual wellbeing. These have tested my problem-solving skills, and helped me to learn new things. But there are some other skills that I’d like to learn, and I’d love to read more.

My goal ideas for my intellectual wellbeing

1. Read more books
2. Learn Te Reo
3. Watch more movies
4. Learn to sew
5. Make something

Next steps

So there are my ideas for my 40 goals for my 40th year. My next step will be to make these goals SMART, set a vision, and develop a plan to make them happen!

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4 Replies to “40 by 40: Goal ideas”

  1. I love this idea of 40 by 40! I too am almost 39 so this really resonates with me. Breaking your goals down by the dimensions of well-being makes it seem more doable and helps with a well-rounded approach. I’m going to give this a try! A gratitude journal will also be on my list.

    1. Yes, 40 seemed like a huge number of goals until I categorised them! Now it seems very do-able. I look forward to hearing more about your goals as we work our way through. Take a look at the gratitude journals from awesome Inc – I think they’re lovely ♡

  2. What a great outline for goals that cover the entire spectrum of a human being. I think a lot of people don’t know where to start; they want to form goals but they are just not sure how to or what goals to set. This post and the products mentioned are great for that.

    1. Thank you! For me, I always knew how to reach goals in my job – I’d always get the job done. But it never occurred to me to do it in my personal life! So I wanted to help others realise what a difference this can make.

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