2019 goals – create your action plan

At the end of last year, we reflected upon 2018 and built our vision for 2019 (if you missed it, find the article here). It’s now time to build the plan to make those dreams a reality.

Break it down

Take your goal and break it down into manageable steps.  Start with what you know, research and ask advice to fill the gaps (try asking in the GoalGetters community).  These steps form the basis of your plan.  

Next, add some detail.  How much time will you need for each step?  Is there a cost?  Who can help (either with your goal, or with other responsibilities to allow you to work on your goal).  

Then consider what barriers you might face, and how you could overcome them.  Doing this planning in advance means that you will have an action plan to hand if things get tough.

For more information on forming your plan, visit the article Small Steps.  GoalGetters community members can access a GoalGetter plan template here.  

Schedule it in

Happiness Planner

Once you’ve identified the steps to take towards your goal, schedule them into your calendar and treat them as appointments that you need to show up for.  If you haven’t got your 2019 planner yet, check out my favourites here: GoalGetters pick of the planners.

Start with the bigger picture and work your way back.  What’s your long-term vision?  What do you want to achieve over the next 12 months (keep it realistic)?  Then choose what to focus on in each month. 

Stick to one goal at a time as your focus.  Once you’ve established goalgetting habits you can increase this to a maximum of three.  Trying to do too much is one of the most common reasons for failure.  Struggling to choose just one goal?  Revisit what’s your why and see which you feel most passionate about.

For more tips on scheduling, visit Make it Happen.

Find an Accountability network

Having an effective accountability network with specific objectives and deadlines can increase your chance of success to 95% (find out more in the Accountability article).

How to create an accountability network:

1. Identify suitable people
2. Share your goalgetters plan
3. Outline what support you need
4. Set specific appointments to catch up and discuss progress, obstacles and updates to the plan

Join the 2019 Goals challenge for suggested daily activities to help embed your 2019 goals.  Sign up here.