2019 goals challenge – day 13 Reclaim your time

One of the main purposes of GoalGetters is to help you spend time on things you want to do, rather than things you don’t.

Today’s activity is to look at where you’re currently spending your time, compare that to where you’d like to be spending your time, and think about the adjustments you can make to get closer to the second picture (you can draw it in a pie chart if you like).

If there are things you need to offload, consider the 6 Ds:
✅ Drop it – does this really need doing, or can it just be dropped?
✅ Delegate it – who else could do this? Consider paying a professional if that’s an option for you (e.g. cleaner, gardener, babysitter)
✅ Decrease it – is there a more efficient way to do this? (e.g. ready meals instead of cooking)
✅ Do it later – can it wait? What would the impact of that be?
✅ Dramatic change – Are there any large scale changes you could make? For example, changing jobs to allow more time for personal activities, or moving house to be closer to family. Would you want to make these changes
✅ Do one thing – There are many activities that fulfil a number of needs. For me, running meets all of the following needs: physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, financial. What one thing can you do that meets a number of needs?

How close can you get to how you’d like to spend your time?

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