2019 goals challenge – day 9 Frame it positively

We often encounter setbacks when working towards goals.  Whether we see these as positives or negatives has a huge influence on our goals success.  

If we react negatively to each setback, it would be easy to lose motivation and stop trying.

But if we react positively, we can use the setback as a learning opportunity or a challenge to be overcome to spur us to success.  

It can be hard to find the positives in setbacks, which is why we are taking some time to practice this today.

For example, rather than being upset about missing out on a job opportunity…

… accept that the decision makers made the right choice and it wasn’t the job for you – you’ve been saved the challenge of being in the wrong job
… or, they didn’t make the right decision – you’ve been saved working for poor decision makers
… or, get some feedback and work on the areas for development so you can nail it next time

Now practise reframing some of your setbacks to make them positive.

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